Lawrence Correctional Center

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Tyshon Reed

Inmate Number: M14435
Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road Sumner, IL 62466
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Hello world, my name is Tyshon Reed but all my friends and family calls me Tokyo.  I have been locked up for the past almost 15 years for a crime I did not commit and hope that your able to give it a try to reach out to explore the truth.  Qualitie’s of my character rather than judge a now 31 years old educated man from falling victim to the system and the lack of proper cousel at the age of 17 years old…

But through this bumpy journey of mine, I have freed adversity from almost every turn I’ve taken…but through it all, I hve used this place to educate myself & I have completed 2 poetry books, one more I”m still working on.  Its said that prison can be used as either a womb: were as you can born knowledge – or – a tomb where you can become mentally defeated.  Im not perfect but I continue to explore the depth’s of all I can be to find that special someone…

Well this is my first time on a pen-pal site.  I am genuinely looking for love and happiness; I really don’t know where this gonna take me.  I’ve never been in love before and I believe thats the main thing I’m missing.  I do consider myself a strong man even though I’ve been through sooo much but been to not sooo many place’s in my life.  I have alot of friends and family who tells me I should reach out to the net for some type love life for a while now.  (So here I am!)

As you can see I’m a very handsome youthful looking guy.  I’m affectionately involved with my feelings, I’m kind, very understanding, loyal and I promise if you give me the chance to show how great of man I am; I promise you wont be disappointed.  The choice is yours at the end of the day, right?  So tune into all we can be to see if we can be on the same typa time cuz its more that awaits but Im save that for the authentic soul I will possibly connect with in the future…

Can be yours truely,




This picture old but I’m in the hole

Get 2 kno me you kno I’m 100 % handsome!!  🙂

Age: 31


Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Illinois