Dixon Correctional Center

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Winfred Tenny

Inmate Number: N00482
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N. Brinton Avenue Dixon, IL 61021
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God bless you!!!


Black american inmate that has been incarcerated in the IDOC for the last 35 years for the criminal charge & conviction for armed robbery.  Might be released in the next few months due to a clemency that washled to owe goveenor last March of 2022.  I am a baptist christian brother that seeks friendship with christians & soul sister that are non-christians as well.  Christian sisters is a plus though.  I desire sincere kind, thoughts caring & loving words thru G.T.L. & hopeful friendliness if & when I’m released from prison.  Sisters from all over the world is a blessings.  But sisters in the local communities of Illinois is also a plus.  Any sister that responds to my humble request of my ad is truly a miraculous blessing.  I look forward to any sister that is willing to communicate with me for friendship thru G.T.L. would be gratefully appreciated by me.  Also, if any christian soul winning brothers is caring enough to christian correspond thru G.T.L.. It would be gratefully appreciated & your kind words of encouragement will be acceptable also.  Please, anyone that is thoughtful & caring enough to correspond & encourage a inmate that needs positive influential friends is welcome to answer my ad.  I am waiting patiently for some type of help & support from people in our society that God knows I need support then friendship is desperately needed.  So Ill. Prison Pen pal service then G.T.L. I feel is definately a miraculous blessing from our God.  So I decided to take full advantage of this godly opportunity for help thru friendship. Only God knows I might even meet a sweet God fearing soon to be wife thru the love & blessings of my lord & saviour who is lord Jesus Christ. (smile)  To tell you more about myself: I am 64 years old.  I gained a lot of unncecessing pounds.  I’m up to 265 at 6 feet & 1 inch tall.  Not fat just a big pot belly. (smile)  Raised in Chgo, Illinois.  Large family that includes 6 other brother, two younger sister & many relatives.  Thank you!


Mr. Winfred Tenny N00482

God bless us & he truly loves each & everyone of us.  Please to be his child.  Lots of christian peace & love.

Age: 64

Height: 6’1

Weight (lbs):

Sex: Male

Race: Black


State: Winfred Tenny